We offer technical service for installation, repair, scheduled revisions, modifications, movements and maintenance of industrial machinery.
Our main objective is to provide a good service both in relation quality-price as in compliance with deadlines.

We can move to any part of Spain, and we also do jobs abroad. We have a team of qualified personnel that accumulates more than 15 years of experience in high precision machinery, we have knowledge of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic, mechanical, as well as the ability to communicate in various languages.

Some of our works done are:

- Official technical service for the company Ruthmann in Spain, 2017.

- Repair of spindel Polishmaster in Eurohueco y SPH, 2017.

- Maintenance of machinery in Janoschka Valencia, 2016.

- Assembly of the vapour cleaning filter at Mercedes Benz factory, Stuttgart, Germany, 2016.

- Automatic galvanic line assembly in Arkansas, USA, 2015.

- Automatic cylinder line assembly in Enplater, Girona, 2007.

- Maintenance of galvanic machinery in FNMT, Madrid, 2012.

- Assembly of polishing machine in Multiflex, Moscow, 2004.

- Assembly of milling and polishing machine in Obeikan, Saudi Arabia, 2005.

- Repair milling machine in Janoschka, France, 2008.

- Automatic cylinder line assembly in Helioprint, Valencia, 2006.

In case it is of your interest, we can send you our working rates.

The possibility of making an annual maintenance contract customized according to your needs is also available.

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