Aufer has for our customers a large stock of consumables for the complete process of electroplating, engraving and polishing.

In galvanic, from degreasing to copper and chrome plating; salts, additives, filters, activators, all developed with the best optimization and security in mind for the client.

Thanks to our experience in the field of polishing, we can offer a wide range of polishing products, such as stones and sandpaper, to obtain the best quality in the finish of your cylinders. We have a wide range of grains and measures to be able to adapt to your needs.

Consumables for the engraving of the cylinders: new, resharp service and repair of engraving stylus, sliding shoes and burr cutters.

For grinding and cutting machines, we offer a service of manufacturing, resharpening and repairing of fine-cut or rough-cut tools and other cutting tools for Duostar and CFM.

All our products are of European origin, which ensures a high degree of quality, repeatability and guarantee to your production.