We can offer and / or repair roughness measuring devices, hardness measuring devices, thickness gauges, densitometers, etc.

We have quality control tools for print markets flexography and rotogravure.

The Anicam microscope from Troika allows 3D scanning, developed to automatically measure and record the size and structure of the cells, so that can be used to import to other quality control systems or to be registered in a database.

The Anicam microscopes have been accepted as the industry standard for inspection anilox and engravings, Troika has introduced a proven volumetric measurement standardization in the printing industry.

Anilox Quality Control
The anilox Anicam QC system allows multiple readings along an anilox roll.

Gravure Quality Control
The Anicam Gravure QC system allows multiple readings over a cylinder.

Flexoplate Quality Control 
Perfect plate reading and displaying 2D and 3D image, even on sheets of black rubber.

We are representatives for Spain of volumetric measurement systems TROIKA.