Aimed mainly at the galvanic industry, the galvanic switching rectifier has the characteristics of a technologically advanced, precise and economic instrument.
Extremely compact solutions give each module an increased power ratio.
Thanks to CANBUS technology, rectifying systems can be configured from 50 to 20,000 A and from 0 to 100V.
Personal solutions outside these ranges, however, can also be studied.
Thanks to robust output filters, the delivered current gives a very contained ripple in all load conditions.

Our rectifier power modules are fully controlled by a microprocessor that runs all parameters in real time and gives dynamic adaptation of the load conditions in order to optimize output.

High frequency IGBT technology gives higher levels of efficiency than older SCR systems in all load conditions.
Weights and dimensions are reduced because costly re phasing systems no longer have to be fitted, and a notable energy saving is guaranteed thanks to the higher efficiency. All the rectifier parts are interconnected by a high speed CANBUS digital network, therefore each module works independently from the others and can be replaced, added or eliminated.